Overcoming phone fears

Posted on: Wednesday, November 09, 2011

While there are a variety of ways for insurance agents to conduct their prospecting efforts, one of the most troublesome methods is via telephone, according to ProducersWeb.

The source says that calling random insurance leads is one of the least popular forms of making insurance sales because it's uncomfortable for the agent, as they often get rejected.

But ProducersWeb says there are things insurance agents can do to make calling leads more tolerable. For instance, instead of calling individuals at random, the source says agents should try and find insurance leads that are interested in what's being sold. Agents can discover these individuals through in-person meetings, social media interaction or looking for online leads.

If agents are hesitant about calling, ProducersWeb says they should do their best to relax and breathe. Sitting up in one's chair and taking a few deep breaths can work wonders.

Another way to overcome phone fears is for agents to be confident about themselves and what they're selling. The more agents study what they're offering and how it can improve an insurance lead's life, the easier the selling process will be.

Posted In: Insurance News, Sales Techniques

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