Poll: 60 percent not financially prepared for medical emergency

Posted on: Monday, June 13, 2011

It's said that people should always be ready to expect the unexpected, but a new study finds that few people are actually doing so.

According to a report from the supplemental insurance company Aflac, six out of every 10 American workers do not have a plan in place that would protect them from financial ruin should they become gravely ill.

Audrey Tillman, executive vice president of corporate services for Aflac, said times are tough for at least 50 percent of those polled.

"About half of the workers we surveyed said they're already struggling with financial stress," said Tillman. "It shows how close to the edge many people are and how an unexpected accident or illness could make things even more challenging, financially."

Though more than half of respondents were not financially prepared for a medical crisis, they also tended not to believe a serious health issue would ever result. Just 19 percent thought they or a family member would ever be diagnosed with a health condition.

It may be advisable for agents to make insurance leads aware of studies like these, as it may provide the incentive they need to purchase a plan.

Posted In: Insurance News, Health Insurance

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