Poll: Americans spilt when comparing their economic status with four years ago

Posted on: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A new survey indicates that the American public is largely divided about whether they were better off economically four years ago compared to today.

The poll, conducted in partnership by Allstate and the National Journal, found that 36 percent of Americans said their finances were in better shape in 2008 while 40 percent said they were "about the same." An additional 23 percent said they were better off today than four years ago.

"After three years of research, we have learned that the recession and ongoing economic uncertainty ... have created a highly divided and frustrated electorate," said Joan Walker, executive vice president of Allstate.

She added, however, that there's still broad-based agreement among Americans as well, such as longing for homeownership, highly valuing education and sharing hopefulness for the future.

Preparation is something else Americans hold in great esteem. Agents should remind their insurance customers about the importance of securing the proper policy for themselves and their families.

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