Poll: Cost primary reason why consumers delay dental care

Posted on: Friday, January 06, 2012

While few enjoy dentist visits, a new survey indicates that many people aren't putting them off because they dislike going but rather because they can't afford it.

According to a poll conducted by Consumer Reports, the biggest reason individuals delay seeing a dentist is because of the cost, as when respondents were asked why they were postponing them, 43 percent attributed their decision to the financial cost of going.

"Consumers worry about pain when it comes to the dentist, but the financial burden of yet another medical expense is the greatest concern of all," said Nancy Metcalf, senior program editor for Consumer Reports. "It's worrisome that so many people are putting off dental care due to cost constraints."

To help individuals save and maintain their dental health, Consumer Reports advises people to seek out alternative insurance policies by shopping around.

Because some plans exclude dental, it's a good idea for insurance agents to inform their insurance customers about whether the policy their looking at has dental coverage, as they may assume that it does.

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