Poll: Internet users rely on customer service

Posted on: Friday, February 01, 2013

Even though much of the nation regularly interacts with the internet and are familiar with how to navigate, a considerable number of people say they would appreciate some guidance when perusing various websites.

According to a recent poll conducted by market intelligence firm LivePerson, approximately 85 percent of consumers who use the internet for shopping indicate that they could frequently use some form of customer support either from someone who's more computer literate than they are or from a professional that's with the company they're patronizing.

"With consumers becoming more adept and familiar with digital channels, they have come to expect the same levels of help and customer service as they would in a physical store," said Jeremy Sokolic, senior vice president of marketing for New York City-based content management firm.

He added that based on recent research, consumers will frequently abandon a website and search for one that's more consumer friendly if they don't get some kind of assistance promptly.

These results help explain why agents need to maintain an online presence, especially when dealing with insurance customers through social media. Questions are often asked through this medium, and without someone there to help consumers when they need it, they may take their business elsewhere.

Posted In: Insurance News, Utilizing Social Media

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