Poll: Personal interactions preferred over electronic correspondence

Posted on: Friday, March 01, 2013

While social media and the internet age has made insurance lead generation more convenient for insurance agents, there's still something to be said for meeting customers in person, a new survey suggests.

According to a recent poll conducted by Amplitude Research on behalf of business application provider TrackVia, face-to-face meetings are still the preferred means of communication for many of today's Americans, despite the increased usage of email, text messaging and social media interaction.

Even when the news is bad, people side in favor of personal interaction. The survey showed that 63 percent of respondents preferred giving or receiving bad news in person rather than over the phone or through some other means of communication. About 70 percent said the same for being the recipient or contributor of good news.

That's not to say that electronic communication is a bad thing. The survey also showed that more than four in every 10 participants felt that texting and social media engagement improved workplace relationships, with a mere 8 percent saying that less intimate communication outlets made their associations worse.

Charles Var, vice president of marketing for TrackVia, noted that up-close-and-personal interactions can't be replaced.

"When it comes to increasing workplace productivity, it's clear that tools like email and instant messaging help, but don't replace personal collaboration," said Var.

He stressed, however, that what means of communication is best largely depends on the given situation, as context is king.

"People's preference for communication appears to change based on what they're doing," he said.

It's important for insurance agents to be advised of this when they're insurance prospecting. Even though social media outlets are convenient, face-to-face interaction can help seal the deal.

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