Poll results suggest advisors play crucial role in customers’ retirement readiness

Posted on: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life insurance leads provide agents with the information they need to help their insurance customers prepare for retirement. And as new research points out, the advice they give to their clients has a significant impact on how consumers ready themselves.

According to the survey, which was conducted by LIMRA, more than 60 percent of respondents polled contributed to their retirement plan or IRA after consulting with an advisor. Meanwhile, just 38 percent who had never worked with such a professional added to their retirement savings.

Alison Salka, corporate vice president and director of LIMRA Retirement Research, noted that many polls indicate few people have the funds necessary to retire comfortably.

"People need to be saving more to fund their retirements," said Salka. "We do see one hopeful sign. Our research shows that consumers who work with an advisor are more likely to contribute to a retirement plan."

The poll also found that working with an advisor often translated to people feeling more confident that they were saving enough. Salka added that this proves advisors really do make a difference.

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