Poor, middle income often lack health coverage

Posted on: Monday, February 13, 2012

A new study indicates that a certain percentage of potential insurance customers may be significantly underrepresented.

Conducted by Commonwealth Fund, a recent survey suggests that adults in low to moderate income households are more likely to be uninsured, lack a source of healthcare and struggle with paying for coverage compared to individuals who come from more affluent households.

Overall, the study found that nearly 60 percent of low income families spent at least a portion of last year uninsured. Of these, 35 percent weren't covered for all of last year and the year before. For moderate income families, one-third were uninsured during 2011.

This contrasts sharply with the small percentage of high income families that were uninsured, as just 12 percent spent some of 2011 without a health insurance plan.

"People with low and moderate incomes run the highest risk of lacking job-based health insurance, are least able to afford health insurance on their own, and are the most at risk of not being able to afford care in the absence of coverage," said Sara Collins, vice president of the Commonwealth Fund and the study's lead author. "Consequently, problems getting needed care in the United States are disproportionately concentrated among low- and moderate-income families."

This survey may serve a motivator for insurance agents to heighten their awareness when insurance prospecting so they can help everyone attain affordable health insurance.

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