Professionals’ social media use jumps 20 percent in one year

Posted on: Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As several studies and reports have shown, social media is not the sole proprietorship of casual internet users. More and more studies are coming to light regarding how frequently it is used by business professionals.

The latest one comes from business management firm Socialware. According to its survey, of the 150 financial advisors polled, a whopping 84 percent said they used websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business purposes. This is a marked increase from just a year earlier, as in 2010, a similar poll found that just 60 percent of financial advisors used social media regularly.

But the poll didn't just find that professionals were using social media more often, they were also reaping rewards by logging on. When the respondents were asked why they had Facebook and Twitter accounts, some of the most common responses were because that's "where the people are" and that it helped their businesses remain competitive.

This report may be illuminating for some insurance agents, as it's another indicator that there are many insurance leads to be had on the world wide web.

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