Reassuring life insurance leads who have pre-existing conditions

Posted on: Monday, July 11, 2011

Life insurance leads often have many questions and concerns, especially if they have a pre-exisiting condition, as they may wonder if they will be eligible to receive all the benefits a healthy person can.

As indicates, the truth of the matter is that their coverage options may be limited, but that shouldn't make them believe they're uninsurable.

As the website states, much of their options depend on how much of their health condition can be controlled. For instance, some insurers may consider a person with high blood pressure to be a risky policyholder to take on. However, if they can show that improvements in their diet and exercise habits has reduced their blood pressure readings, they may be eligible to receive the same benefits that a healthier person has.

Ray Dinstel, senior vice president for life and insurance underwriting at Genworth Financial, told the source other ailments that don't generally disqualify someone from obtaining quality life insurance include diabetes, sleep apnea, depression and cancer.

By being aware of the policies insurers have, agents can better guide their life insurance leads and clients to the plan that best fits their needs.

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