Sales techniques that don’t pass the smell test

Posted on: Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Speak to any agent who's had some time in the business, and they will likely say that turning insurance customers into sales opportunities doesn't come easily. In fact, many of the sales techniques that coverage professionals thought would work when they came out of college turn out to be duds.

Yet all too often, agents stick by these tired bromides that do nothing but alienate them from accumulating a reliable base of clients, according to Lew Nason, an insurance expert and ProducersWeb contributor.

With this in mind, Nason recently gave his take on sales techniques that have somehow stood the test of time but in reality deserve to be buried.

One of which is the notion that "selling is a numbers game." While this may sound like a perfectly reasonable thing to assume, Nason noted that this only applies if the only things agents know about are "old-school selling techniques." It's far better for agents to tailor their approach to a client based on their tells. For instance, if a customer has a lot of questions to ask, providing detailed insight and clarification can help agents and customers establish a back and forth that will more firmly entrench the business relationship.

Keep boilerplate to a minimum
Another stereotype that's gone on for far too long is the belief that working off a script is better than ad-libbing. Lawson noted that agents don't necessarily have to have a script in front of them for customers to know if they're working off one - they can usually tell based on the language that's used. Ultimately, these scripts don't work because they render the sales process as trite and tired. Each sales process should be personal and professional. Customers will respond to this in a beneficial way, as they can tell the difference between hackneyed prose and original sales pitches.

An additional flawed belief is that being rejected is a part of the sales process. Nason noted that while everyone has gone through rejection, it can almost always be avoided provided the right questions are asked. Selling is actually about getting the customer to tell more about themselves rather than agents dictating what a policy includes.

The proper sales techniques go hand in hand with sales pitches. But there are some that should never be uttered. Insurance news provider LifeHealthPro recently listed some of the most outlandish lines that should always be avoided by sales professionals.

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