Sales techniques to maximize insurance leads regardless of age

Posted on: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Agents often have to tailor their message to the audience they're speaking to. In other words, what works for a 50-year-old man often doesn't resonate with a 29-year-old woman.

But as the Agent's Sales Journal points out, some sales techniques work for everyone, no matter their age.

One of them is identifying "life's moments." ASJ says that individuals goes through a variety of experiences that are exclusive to the person, but various points in life present similar situations for everyone, such as retirement or owning a new home. Keying in on clients' personal situations by consulting with referrals can help agents clarify why certain plans are important to purchase.

Something else the ASJ says will resonate with all clientele is stressing why early planning is essential. Virtually any example can be made with regards to how people who plan ahead are usually better off than those who procrastinate. However, Agent's Sales Journal says specific case studies demonstrating the difference between those who insured late and early will pay the biggest dividends.

By developing some of these timeless techniques, agents will be able to turn customers into clients no matter how old or young their insurance leads may be.

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