Selling health insurance in a weak economy

Posted on: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

With few employers hiring and consumer sentiment in the doldrums, it's hard for agents to find health insurance leads and even harder to make a significant sale as consumers tighten their belts.

However, ProducersWeb says more sales may be in the offing for agents after tinkering with their marketing strategy.

For instance, the source states agents may be focusing their attention on the wrong audience or age group. Instead, agents should broaden their sales strategy to see which group is most receptive to purchasing coverage.

If this doesn't work, ProducersWeb says agents may need to overhaul their marketing plan. For example, instead of going door to door, it may be advisable to take advantage of social media.

Finally, while the brunt of sales come from new leads, there's nothing wrong with going back to the well - or in other words, getting in touch with former clients. ProducersWeb says agents may want to call past buyers to see if they're satisfied with their coverage and tell them what new offerings are available.

With a little ingenuity and adaptations to an unsettled market, health insurance agents may be able to overcome the economic rough patch the country is experiencing.

Posted In: Sales and Marketing Tips

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