Significant percentage of Americans dissatisfied with health insurance plan

Posted on: Thursday, September 08, 2011

Because millions of Americans lack health insurance, it's typically not difficult to find health insurance leads. However, a recent poll indicates that even those who are insured may be interested in purchasing a supplemental health insurance policy.

According to a new poll performed by Gallup, a significant percentage of individuals who get their health insurance through their employer are dissatisfied with what the benefits offer.

When a similar poll was conducted in August of 2008, approximately 19 percent of respondents said they were less than satisfied with their plan. This year, that rate has skyrocketed to 30 percent, an 11 point change in the three-year period and the most significant difference among all the job aspects employees were queried about.

While it's unfortunate that so many people have issues with their health insurance plan, this is good news for agents, as people who are insured may also serve as insurance sales sources.

However, if agents prefer selling to individuals who lack coverage completely, a separate Gallup poll shows which states have the highest number of people who are uninsured.

Texas has the highest rate of residents lacking health insurance at 27 percent. Mississippi and Alaska round out the top three at 24 percent and 23 percent, respectively.

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