Social media can be effective in a crisis

Posted on: Thursday, December 27, 2012

Homeowners and businesses in New York and New Jersey are still cleaning up the wreckage brought on by Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, however, many insurance customers may have been aided in the claims process by their insurer's social media channels.

The Insurance Journal reports that during periods of crisis, many insurance companies turn to social media forums, such as Facebook and Twitter, to post key information that can be instrumental for both customers and claims adjusters who are assisting their clients. Insurance agencies may tweet about the best locations to go during a storm, an agency's emergency hours of operation during a disaster and actions to take before a storm hits.

In addition, the article noted that social media allowed them to keep in touch with claims adjusters and feed information to them quickly that helped them assist clients quickly.

Insurers that have not yet fully implemented social media into their marketing and customer service departments may benefit by doing so in the near future. Climatologists have predicted that early winter storms may become more common on the East Coast, which could result in busier seasons for property insurers.

Posted In: Insurance News, Property & Casualty Insurance

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