Some veterans without any healthcare plan

Posted on: Thursday, May 31, 2012

Close to 10 percent of American military veterans younger than 65 do not have health insurance and are not covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to a study from the Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

There are close to 1.3 million former members of the military without their own health insurance policy, according to National Journal, citing the study's findings. In addition, another 950,000 family members of veterans also do not have a healthcare plan. The families consist of 4.3 percent of all uninsured individuals in the nation.

"This is the first published report to provide estimates of uninsurance among nonelderly veterans and their families both nationally and at the state level and to assess the potential for the Affordable Care Act to reduce their uninsurance rates," wrote the Jennifer Haley and Genevieve Kenney of the Urban Institute, according to the news source.

Those veterans who do not have a healthcare plan may not want to risk going long periods of time without some type of option. There are many policies that can be purchased online with low health insurance rates, and they may have the necessities someone needs to get the proper care.

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