Staying in the insurance game with mentoring services

Posted on: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One of the professions that has the highest failure rates is owning a restaurant. Because it takes a tremendous amount of money and long working hours, many restaurateurs aren't able to stay afloat without losing money.

But another line of work with more failures than successes is the insurance business, as ProducersWeb says just 5 percent of agents wind up earning money.

The reasons successes are in short supply is similar to the plight of restaurant owners. ProducersWeb says insurance agents often have to put in long hours and invest some of their own money that doesn't always pay off in the end, as converting insurance leads can be difficult.

But the source says this doesn't have to be the case because there are a number of mentoring services agents can take advantage of that help with this problem.

Not just any consulting firm will do, however. ProducersWeb says before committing to one, agents should ask to see background information from the mentors they'll be working with. Testimonials about the quality of the firm's work, if available, are a good thing to ask to look at as well.

Mentoring services can help agents stay positive and successful in their pursuit for prosperity in the insurance business.

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