Strong telephone skills key to insurance selling

Posted on: Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Though it may sound simplistic, the phone is one of the best ways agents can turn more of their insurance leads into sales. All too often, however, industry professionals make mistakes when in communication with their customers that can wind up setting them back.

According to insurance expert Tim Sawyer, attitude is everything when talking with a customer over the phone. Unfortunately, agents often fail to realize this because they're too caught up with the fear that they will be turned down.

"As trivial as it may sound, answering every call with a smile and a positive talk track, such as 'It's a great day at ... Insurance. How can I help you?' could make a difference when trying to win over new business," said Sawyer.

It's also important for insurance agents not to sound like they're reading off of a script. Sawyer notes that the telephone call is a feeling out period, where agents find out more about their customers' health needs. By the end of the conversation, agents should feel confident that they can present them with solutions that they heretofore didn't know they had.

Last year was dubbed the "year of the customer" for insurance workers. Industry professionals may want to make 2013 "the year of the agent," which can be achieved by improving one's sales pitch and delivery.

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