Study shows how insurance preferences often serve as forerunner to other similar interests

Posted on: Thursday, March 14, 2013

Insurance leads are like gold for insurance agents, mainly because not only do they provide detail about the customer, but they provide clues about what they may be interested in purchasing. That's because there can be some overlap between what insurance customers may be interested in based on similar demographics. A recent survey helps illustrate this.

According to a new poll conducted by, individuals who share certain policies or who opt for a particular provider often share similar likes and interests. For example, based on survey data from more than 4,500 people, customers of companies like Country Financial and MetLife tended to be the people who were the most conversant with social media when contrasted with customers of other providers.

Another similarity that was apparent as a result of the survey was television news gathering. More than any other customer, GMAC Insurance policyholders were the most likely people to consume television news on a regular basis. They are particularly partial to PBS, as GMAC customers were more likely to watch the public television programming than their contemporaries with other providers.

Meanwhile, Progressive, Mercury General and USAA customers preferred news commentary programming from the likes of Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. Country Financial and The Hartford customers also preferred news analysis, only they were more partial to Bill O'Reilly on the Fox News Channel, data reveals.

Then there are those who don't watch television news at all. Policyholders with AAA were the most apt to say that they weren't consumers of television news broadcasts, according to

Similar to this report, health insurance leads can provide a glimpse into what plans policyholders are after based on their demographic information and where they're located.

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