Survey: 60 percent favor LinkedIn among social media networks

Posted on: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

While there's no knowing just how many networking sites there are out there, most would agree that three dominate the social media scene: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

But it begs the question: Which one is the best?

Based on a recent study, the answer is LinkedIn.

According to a report from ROI Research, nearly 60 percent of social networkers polled said of all the accounts to have, LinkedIn was the most important one.

This is up significantly from last year, wherein a similar poll was conducted. At that time, the research agency found 41 percent thought it was the best social media network.

Daina Middleton, CEO of the company that sponsored the study, said the national unemployment rate and a fragile economy may be contributing to LinkedIn's attractiveness.

Middleton went on to say that the most effective marketers are those who use as many platforms as possible to get their message out there about why something is important.

In other words, while LinkedIn may be the most favored, generating insurance leads may be best achieved by using all of the social media landscapes.

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