Survey indicates job seekers value benefits more than high pay

Posted on: Thursday, July 14, 2011

When agents are out prospecting and looking for insurance leads, an inability to find them can be discouraging. In fact, it can be so disheartening, that it may lead some to believe insurance just isn't as valued as it used to be.

But a recent survey suggests insurance may be more prized than ever.

According to a joint study conducted by job search website and insurer Unum, nearly three quarters of respondents said a strong benefits package was more important to them in their job search than a high salary. Other things more highly valued than pay was a sense of camaraderie and landing a position that was rewarding.

"Employees, job-seekers and human resources leaders understand the importance of a caring corporate culture in recruiting and keeping a talented workforce," said Mike Simonds, Unum's senior vice president. "Benefits play an important role in supporting that culture."

Seventy-four percent of respondents said benefits was 'very important.' This can serve as a reminder for agents when they're down on their luck and feel as though people just aren't interested in buying.

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