Survey reveals mixed results on men, women and financial planning

Posted on: Thursday, September 01, 2011

When people work on their financial future, purchasing life insurance is often a consideration. Thus, when pursuing life insurance leads, agents may be wondering whether they should focus their efforts on men or women.

According to a Genworth Financial Survey, 54 percent of men work on their finances at least once a week compared to 42 percent of women.

Despite this finding, however, the poll also revealed that it's women, not men, who more often believe financial well-being is a key component of a balanced life.

"We found it interesting that those who said they need financial well-being to maintain a balanced life are less likely to spend time focusing on financial planning," said Wendy Boglioli, spokesperson for Genworth. "Living well now and in retirement requires a balance between being both financially sound and physically fit."

What does this mean for insurance agents? It may indicate agents should target both men and women in their insurance prospecting, as it appears both sexes are concerned about their fiscal health.

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