The emotional side of life insurance

Posted on: Thursday, June 09, 2011

Yesterday was the last day of the Million Dollar Round Table Event and it may have been the most meaningful for agents, as many of the presenters related very personal stories.

One was from a life insurance salesman whose attitude about selling life insurance changed on September 11. Up to that point, the agent, Michael Haglin, said he really only bought and sold life insurance with the financial benefits in mind. But on that day, while he was aboard a plane and told by the pilot all planes had been ordered to land, he felt afraid.

After seeing the fear in the faces of flight attendants and his fellow passengers, however, Haglin said a calm came over him. He said he came to appreciate the fact that he had a life insurance policy in place that would take care of his wife and family were there to be an accident.

Haglin and the others landed safely, but he related the experience because he said agents need to get in touch with the emotional side of why life insurance is important.

By tapping into this aspect of life insurance selling, agents may find insurance prospecting to be a more rewarding endeavor.

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