Three habits of highly effective life insurance agents

Posted on: Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recent statistics have shown that life insurance activity has been robust lately, as many agents were able to convert their life insurance leads into sales opportunities. But according to LifeHealthPro, these successful conversions were not by accident but resulted from hard work and the development of positive work habits.

One of these is being organized and efficient. The insurance news website indicates that organizational skills are an important aspect to finding new clients, as it provides agents with the structure they need to know how to get in touch with their customers and how they can allocate their resources.

Another positive habit is putting in a minimum of nine hours at the office per day. LifeHealthPro says that because life insurance selling is all about forming relationships, the one-on-one time agents need with their customers is crucial. Industry veterans have indicated that a nine-hour work day enables them to get a considerable amount of work done and still have time for other things.

Something for agents to avoid doing is making cold calls. Instead, the website says insurance professionals should trust the quality of their customer service, as the people they've worked with will likely refer them to friends and acquaintances who need an agent.

Posted In: Insurance News, Life Insurance

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