Three quarters of Americans want to keep current doctors

Posted on: Friday, November 11, 2011

Americans in general love their doctors and are willing to spend more to stay with them, according to the results of a recent survey.

In a new eHealth poll, nearly 75 percent of Americans said having access to their existing primary care physician was a top priority when it came to selecting a health insurance plan, with 54 percent saying it was a "very important" factor and 19 saying it was "most important."

The survey also detailed the how vital having one's own doctor was among Medicare recipients. Here, too, approximately three out of every four said access to their current doctor was crucial.

Even when given a monetary incentive to change doctors - such as paying $100 less each month for health insurance - 79 percent of seniors and 73 percent of respondents in total said they wouldn't change.

This study is something to keep in mind for insurance agents, as it suggests insurance leads may only go for a particular type of insurance policy if their doctor is part of the network.

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