Tips for creating a great insurance resource website

Posted on: Friday, September 09, 2011

As a variety of studies have shown, a significant number of consumers turn to the internet to buy and learn more about insurance. Agents, as a result, have tried to accommodate, launching websites of their own that potential clientele can turn to when they need help.

ProducersWeb says these websites should satisfy certain criteria if they're going to be of any help to the consumer.

For instance, the source says the site should make clear who the agent is and what experience they have. The site should also clarify what provider the agent works for and what products the carrier offers.

If agents satisfy these two criteria, ProducersWeb says that's more than half the battle. However, there are other things resourceful agents may want to do as well.

For example, agents should do everything they can to make sure the website they create stays up-to-date. New prices and information are constant in the insurance industry and insurance leads need to be apprised of those changes.

The source also advises agents not to create their site in a vacuum. In other words, they shouldn't isolate their website but rather include links to other insurance information providers to make the site even more useful.

Following these tips may help agents reap more fruit from their insurance prospecting efforts.

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