Useful tips insurance agents should always remember

Posted on: Monday, May 23, 2011

The website Life Insurance Selling recently posted a list of tips that may prove to be useful for agents in their selling ventures, from how to gain more referrals to what to do after being rejected by a promising lead.

For instance, the source says customers are a great way to gain referrals. However, agents shouldn't ask their client if they know anyone else who may need insurance right away, as that may come off as pushy. Instead, the website says it's better to ask once a rapport has been formed.

Should a client offer a few referral suggestions, the source says it's important to get in touch with that lead as soon as possible. According to Life Insurance Selling, every day that goes by diminishes the chances that the potential lead will be receptive to buying a policy. The source says agents should try to contact the lead within 24 or 48 hours of receiving their information.

Finally the source says to be careful not to take rejection personally, as doing so can hinder future sales. Instead, expect rejection to happen and learn from the experience.

Small tips like these may prove to be useful as insurance agents work to turn leads into sales.

Posted In: Insurance News, Sales Techniques

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