Using a variety of strategies to generate insurance leads

Posted on: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Insurance agents are no different from other salespeople in that once they find a sales technique that works, they tend to stick to it. But that can be a recipe for failure if agents rely on it too closely. says that in order for agents to truly thrive, they have to broaden their horizons and expand their portfolio of t echniques used to generate sales.

Before those techniques are employed, however, the website says every agent should ask themselves the following question: "How many ways do I go after my business each week?" The answer to that question will helps agents determine the sales strategy they're overusing.

To broaden one's selling strategy, says agents should brainstorm all the ways in which to sell, then go out and do them: cold call, visit clients, send letters, hold a seminar or mail birthday well-wishes

The website says that there are no short cuts in employing more sales strategies, however; it requires hard work and perhaps longer hours. However, more sales serves as the reward.

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