Ways in which clients can afford additional coverage

Posted on: Thursday, August 04, 2011

Oftentimes, agents' clients are so pleased with their life insurance policy that they want to purchase more. While some have the resources to do this, many can't because they simply don't have the money.

But as ProducersWeb states, that's where agents earn their money. In other words, agents' job is not just to sell insurance, but to help clients adjust their finances so that they can afford to pay for the things that will benefit their future.

As the source indicates, clients can help agents find a way to pay for additional life insurance by asking them a number of questions about their current insurance situation.

For example, policyholders' premium expenses are typically the biggest obstacle to purchasing extra coverage. But these monthly costs can be reduced by increasing their deductible.

Something else ProducersWeb says agents may want to question their clients about is the coverage for their car and home. Thinking they'll save money, clients may have them covered by separate insurers. Agents may want to suggest they choose one provider for both, as insurers often provide discounts.

In short, seasoned insurance agents should tap into their years of experience to help life insurance leads find a way to pay for the coverage they need.

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