What Facebook items users ‘like’

Posted on: Thursday, November 10, 2011

As an increasing number insurance agents use social media to attract insurance leads, many may be wondering what tactics will generate a higher number of friends or followers.

As Facebook followers know, individuals become fans or followers of things by clicking the "like" icon, whether it's a picture, a status update, comment or video. And a new study is providing details about what Facebook fans "like" the most.

According to research and targeting company Crowd Science, there's no one thing that Facebook visitors like more than something else, as no single feature generated "likes" from more than 20 percent of all survey respondents. However, wall posts, pictures and comments were the most common things "liked" at 16 percent. This was followed by videos at 12 percent, non-branded images at 10 percent and branded pages at 9 percent.

The study also asked respondents why they "liked" certain Facebook items. The most frequent reason was wanting to show support for something or that they enjoyed what was being said. Less common responses were individuals liking a particular brand and wanting their friends to know they liked a brand."

This study may provide insight for insurance agents into what will resonate with insurance leads online.

Posted In: Insurance News, Utilizing Social Media

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