Where does the implementation of exchanges leave agents?

Posted on: Monday, July 25, 2011

In a few short years, insurance customers will rely more heavily upon their local municipalities as they begin to participate in state-specific health insurance exchanges. When these are established, Agent's Sales Journal says the industry will change, as exchange vendors and boards will be set up to help insurance leads find the coverage they're looking for.

As a result, insurance insiders may be wondering - where does this leave agents?

But according to the ASJ, exchanges will make agents an even more highly valued commodity than they already are.

The source says the reason why this is so is because exchanges have to appeal to insurance leads in order to survive. In short, their customer-friendliness has to be top of the line. This is something agents specialize in.

Another reason why agents will become more highly regarded is because they have the connections to clients exchanges will be looking for to generate business. What's more, the source states, businesses often look to agents to help them find the best plans for their employees while saving costs at the same time.

The health insurance market may be expanding its workers as a result of insurance exchanges, but agents will still be needed, thanks to their knowledge for what it takes to make a sale and how to generate leads.

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