Younger Americans turn to family, friends for insurance information

Posted on: Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The results of a new survey may come as bad news for insurance agents who want to be the primary resource individuals turn to for insurance information.

According to Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company, younger Americans are more likely to rely on their family members and friends when it comes to finding out about benefits information for a policy.

Stephen Bygott, assistant vice president of marketing analysis for Colonial Life, was taken aback by the survey's results.

"While we expected the workplace to be the primary source of benefits information for employees, we were surprised to learn that Gen Y workers rely more on family and friends for this information than their older colleagues do," said Bygott.

He added that not only are younger workers less likely to go to their employer for more information about their insurance policy, they were also the less apt to to rely on consumer advice or insurance agents.

While there's nothing wrong with younger Americans seeking insurance advice from their peers, agents should make every effort to market themselves as the best resource, as it will help them generate more insurance leads and dispel any misconceptions consumers may have.

Posted In: Insurance News, Marketing & Advertising

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