Customer Testimonials

We're proud of our lead quality and excellent customer service - but don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers say about our service:

"As a new insurance agent, All Web Leads has been an extremely valueable resource for finding leads in order to grow my business. The very first week that I had my leads active I was able to close a deal on a house and 4 cars thanks to a lead from All Web. The staff had been very helpful and patient with all of the questions and concerns that I had. It is a pleasure to work with such professional and caring people. Keep up the good work."

-Karl Kurtz, Agent

"All Web Leads live transfers work great compared to other leads that are out there. With live transfers I have been able to write at least 50% of the leads with a commitment from quite a few of the others. Compared to other lead options, and I have tried quite a few, the ratio of leads to written leads surpasses the competition by far! I am looking forward to supplementing my written production with All Web Leads live transfers for the unforeseeable future!""

-Kevin VanEgdom, Agent

"I've used multiple lead providers in the past. All Web Leads is by far number one in being able to provide quality leads, consistent volume, and great customer service. I use both the leads and the live transfers and have found great success. They work with me to make sure I hit my CPA goals, which has enabled me to grow my book of business very quickly -- grown by 10% in the last 18 months. They are very open to suggestions, make sure they take care of their customers, and everyone I've worked with over there has been helpful. All Web Leads is my secret weapon against my competitors."

-Frank Torres, Agent

"The return on my investment for Live Transfers is the best out of all of the leads I purchase. Dollar for dollar, they are worth the cost, and I highly recommend them to anyone considering Live Transfers."

-Dana Kerr, Agent

"I have had some good luck with the Live Transfers thus far. I have sold 4 out of the 6 that I have received. So thanks again for recommending this service."

-Morris Mete, Agent

"Thanks for all the leads. I have been closing a lot of them. I hope it continues. The only feedback I would give is that I want more of your leads because I'm closing tons of them."

-Danny Robertson, Agent

"Thank you All Web Leads so much for all the work you do on my account. This is the best week I've had for sales since 2007. My lead volume in the new profiles is awesome. I have not been this optimistic in over half a decade-not since the market tanked."

-Michael Cardigan, Agent

"I have been in the insurance business for over 27 years. All Web Leads' services are outstanding. With All Web Leads, I have closed a high percentage of the leads I received on-line. On occasion when I did receive a bogus lead, the assigned Account Manager, Tara, was quick to resolved the matter and provide lead credit back into my account. If you are an agent looking for a reputable lead company, I strongly recommend that you consider All Web Leads as your on-line lead source."

-Ron Chevalier, Agent

"All Web Leads is an efficient, effective, and affordable way to grow your business as an insurance agent. Last month I added nearly $7,500.00 in premium and added a total of 5 households to my book of business from the leads I received from Having the systems in place to follow up with the leads coming into my agency has been the essential tool in my success in writing quality business from I appreciate what has done for the growth of my agency!"

-Jeff Schmidt, Agent

"I have used numerous internet lead carriers and have found All Web Leads to be the best of all. In judging a lead generation company the first two things that come to mind are quality of lead, and number of leads. All Web Leads delivers both. Their conversion rates are the best I have experienced. By narrowing the zip codes to higher income zip codes in a major metropolitan area that I work in I have also been able to sell some very large and lucrative policies with their leads. Their leads are not exclusive, but if you can't take a little competition you're in the wrong business. It is also been my experience that even the "exclusive" lead carriers are not exclusive when the customer requests a quote from 2, 3, or 4 different internet lead generation sites. I write this recommendation with no financial inducement from All Web Leads. I only want to see other insurance agents like myself not have to go through the myriad of internet lead companies that don't deliver."

- Brett Thomas, Agent

"I've used All Web Leads for many months now, and there are several ways in which All Web Leads have added to my success. For one, the online management of my account is extremely simple and user friendly, and the quality of the leads have been great. Also, the customer service for my account has been exceptional. I would highly recommend using All Web Leads to any agency owner who is looking to grow their business."

-George Georgopulos, Agent

"Though I am 85% referral based, utilizing All Web Leads as supplemental source of appointments and targeting a specific demographic has been invaluable. Thus far my experience has been very positive. I regularly get through to the lead with no problem, and I am able to book appointments with 2/3 I make contact with. Keep up the good work All Web Leads!"

-Caleb Harty, Agent

"All Web Leads is just one of the lead aggregators I use for my business. I have found that my success ratio on these leads is higher than most other aggregators, as they are better qualified up front. In addition, this is the most user friendly site to navigate through the credit process. I was referred to All Web Leads through another agent friend earlier this year for the same reasons. I truly appreciate the simplification of the site and having an Account Manager to assist whenever I have questions. I would absolutely recommend other insurance agents to give All Web Leads a try!"

-Teri DiGrande, Agent

"All Web Leads has provided me with on-time and accurate auto insurance leads. This has helped my business in building my business and sustaining a successful growth. I would recommend All Web Leads for anyone that is looking for a force to impact their business in a positive fashion."

-Levin Yessaian, Agent