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Auto Insurance Leads

Within the US P&C segment auto insurance represents the largest submarket, accounting for 31% of the overall marketing, due largely to the fact that auto insurance is required by law in most states. Consumers are actively looking for auto insurance policies that typically last 6 to 12 months, and they are conditioned by carrier advertisements to regularly shop online to save money, leading to high velocity shopping cycles. Leverage the AWL Customer Acquisition Marketing (CAM) technology to attract and engage more consumers resulting in more sold policies with quality auto leads and calls by AWL!

Auto Lead Pricing

We offer agents excellent value: (1) customers only pay for leads they receive, (2) we offer one of the lowest shared lead caps in the industry, (3) we leverage the power of advanced technology and an industry leading call center to build best-in-class quality into our Premium Leads and Calls.

Plus, we offer a fair and easy return policy for bad leads. We have won numerous LeadsCouncil LEADER awards, including MVP and Best Conversion Rate, two years in a row, as voted on by the industry’s largest insurance lead buyers.

Package Name Standard Lead Premium Prospect Leads
Start at
Qualified Prospect Leads
Start at
Qualified Concierge Calls
Start at
Juvenile Auto $3.15 $6.65 $8.40 $19.15
Standard Auto $7.25 $10.75 $12.50 $23.25
Standard Plus Auto $9.50 $13.00 $14.75 $25.50
Specialty Auto $12.00 $15.50 $17.25 $28.00
Preferred Auto $14.25 $17.75 $19.50 $30.25
Premium Auto $15.75 $19.25 $21.00 $31.75
Premium Plus Auto $16.25 $19.75 $21.50 $32.25
Custom Auto $9.95 $13.45 $15.20 $25.95
*Premium and Qualified Prospect Leads are automatically included, when available, as part of your mix for your selected lead packages. Calls must be added and configured separately in your account. Be advised that price determines priority when multiple agents captive with the same primary carrier are eligible.
In addition to the base auto lead price, we offer optional demographic and lifestyle filters at an additional charge.  You're never charged for geographic filters.

Lead Package Details

Juvenile Auto

  • All drivers 19 years and younger

Standard Auto

  • Unfiltered

Standard Plus Auto

  • At least one driver 22 or older
  • Not currently insured
  • All drivers have valid license
  • One or less minor violations
  • No at-fault accidents or major violations

Specialty Auto

  • At least one driver 22 or older
  • All drivers currently insured
  • All drivers have valid license
  • No major or minor violations
  • One or less at-fault accidents

Preferred Auto

  • At least one driver 22 or older
  • All drivers currently insured
  • All drivers have valid license
  • One or less tickets
  • No at-fault accidents or major violations

Premium Auto

  • At least one driver 25 or older
  • Insured for 2 or more years
  • All drivers have valid license
  • No minor violations
  • No at-fault accidents or major violations

Premium Plus Auto

  • At least one driver 25 or older
  • Minimum of 2 vehicles
  • Home owner
  • Currently Insured
  • All drivers have valid license
  • One or less tickets
  • No at-fault accidents or major violations

Sample Auto Insurance Lead

Contact Information
Name: John Doe Currently Insured: Yes
Email: johndoe@aol.com Current Provider: Blue Cross Blue Shield
Daytime Phone: (512) 555-1212 Covered For: More than 3 years
Evening Phone:   Policy Expires: 08/01/2009
Street Address: 123 Main Street    
Location: Austin, Texas 78704    
Name John Doe Education: High School
Birthdate: 08/04/1976 License State: Texas
Age: 32 License Status: Active
Gender: Male Filing Required: None
Relationship: Self Age When Licensed: 16
Marital Status: Single Credit Standing: Good
Occupation: Legal Residence Ownership: Own
Student Discount: No    
Vehicle: 2006 BMW M3 Restraint Type: Dual air bags front, head and
VIN: WBSBL934*6******* Security System: Active Disabling
Primary Driver: John Doe ABS: 4 Wheel Standard
Ownership: Owned Salvaged: No
Primary Usage: Commute Comprehensive Deductible $500
Work/School Distance: 12 Collision Deductible $500
Annual Mileage: 10,001 - 12,500    
Storage: Private Garage    
Driver: John Doe    
Incident Type: Ticket    
Description: Speeding    
Incident Date: 1/2005    
Coverage Amounts
Bodily Injury Liability: $50,000/Person, $100,000/Accident Uninsured Motorist Property Damage: Yes
Property Damage Coverage: $25,000 Towing Coverage: No
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury: $50,000/Person, $100,000/Accident Rental Reimbursement: No


Filters - Auto Insurance Leads

Receive only the leads that make sense for your business.
Filters available for auto leads include:

  • FREE Geographic Filters
  • Min/Max Driver Age
  • Minimum Years Licensed
  • Credit Standing
  • Time Continuously Insured
  • Min/Max Vehicle Age
  • SR-22 or SR-1P
  • License Suspension
  • Min/Max Minor Driving Violations
  • Previous Claims
  • Max/Max Accidents - At Fault and Not At Fault
  • # Vehicles
  • Coverage Amount
  • Motorcycles
  • High Risk
  • Home Ownership

Auto Lead Customer Testimonials

"In the past 3 years we have used several lead companies for our auto insurance leads. AWL has been our main source for writing hundreds of new auto policies each year. As of today we only use AWL for our Internet auto leads and will continue to use their quality leads, great service and great price."

- Kevin Conroy Smith, Agent

"AWL was the only company we saw instant results from. After wasting time and money I decided to focus on AWL and they are the only company I am using. My auto production has increased and I plan on increasing my lead order per day to get a better bang for my buck. I am very happy with their service - quality!"

- Nelson Karpeh, Agent


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