All Web Leads Service Plan

Based on feedback from insurance agents, we have created a Service Plan to compliment your All Web Leads Account. The benefits that are included with your Service Plan address the most common requests that we hear from our customers.

Benefits of The All Web Leads Service Plan

  • *NEW* Pause Individual Lead Profiles
    Have additional flexibility with your online account with the ability to pause individual lead profiles. You will no longer have to call your Account Manager to pause an individual lead profile or delete the lead profile.
  • Unlimited Pausing
    Control your lead flow around your business needs with unlimited pausing. Pause and un-pause your account as many times within a month as your business requires for up to 10 days at a time.
  • Enhanced Return Policy
    Leads for consumers that incorrectly disclosed that they are not with your primary carrier, that you later find out are in fact currently insured by your primary carrier are now eligible for credit. Click here for the full list of return policy reasons.
  • Priority Customer Support Queue
    With your Service Plan, you go to the front of the customer support line. Whether you have a quick question or an in-depth discussion topic, get your matter handled even faster!
  • New Live Connect Concierge Customer Deposit Fee Waived -- Regularly $200!
    Try our Live Transfer program using our industry leading Live Connect Concierge service with no required deposit. Ask us how to set up your live transfers today and how you can get 100% Contact Rate, Guaranteed!
  • Lead Data Export Tools
    Have the capability to export your received lead data into an Excel file.

Future Features of The Service Plan

  • Customize Lead Delivery Schedule
    Set a custom start and stop time for leads each day, and have the ability to cap volume hourly, if desired.

Package & Pricing

The Service Plan
$39 per month
Features Included
  • *NEW* Pause Individual Lead Profiles
  • Unlimited Pausing
  • Enhanced Return Policy
  • Priority Customer Support Queue
  • LCC Deposit Fee Waived (Regularly $200)
  • Lead Data Reporting Tools

For All Web Leads Service Plan Frequently Asked Questions, click here.