Working Weekend Leads

Weekend LeadsYou may consider weekend leads a hassle, but they're actually a tremendous opportunity. In fact, weekend leads have a higher close rate than weekday leads.

While other agencies work traditional business hours, a resourceful agent who quickly contacts a weekend lead has a valuable edge over the competition.

Many consumers have more discretionary time during weekends to submit quote requests and accomplish errands. They're also less likely to be distracted by their day-to-day responsibilities.

Remember, you can receive text message alerts about new leads - which allow you to make contact even when you're not in the office. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and schedule a follow-up appointment for later in the week.

To receive weekend leads, your weekly lead limit needs to be higher than the number of leads you've already received this week. For example, if you received 10 leads Monday-Friday of this week and want 5 weekend leads, you will set your weekly lead limit to 15. Just be sure your daily limit is also high enough that you can get at least 5 leads over 2 days.

As the insurance industry evolves, producers will need to adapt their business to meet the needs of busy consumers and maximize their lead buys!