Tip #10: Advanced Lesson: Buying Leads Like a Pro

Most of the advice in this guide can be applied to any lead carrier, but these pointers are specific to All Web Lead's system. But hey - that's what makes them advanced!

  • Our leads are carrier-exclusive, which means that we'll round-robin the leads between multiple agents of the same carrier so they never have to compete over the same lead. This also ensures the consumer is receiving a variety of insurance quotes from our service.
  • If you're a captive agent, be sure to identify your carrier in your profile so our proprietary system will prevent your leads from also being shared with other agents in your office. Independent agents will still be eligible for all of the leads that match their profile.
  • If you discover that you and another agent in your office are receiving the same leads, the most likely cause for duplicates is that all agents within the office aren't using the same carrier in their profiles. A quick phone call to our support line (1-888-522-7355 ext 2) will fix the problem!
  • Do you need more volume? You've found a source of new business that's working for you - of course you want more! Getting quantity and quality leads is a delicate balance and there are several factors to consider:
    • Filters are a powerful tool to improve the quality of your leads, but they also limit the quantity that you can receive. If volume is a priority, reconsider your filter settings and see if there is a configuration you're comfortable with that will allow you to receive a larger percentage of the leads in your area.
    • See if you can expand your geographic area to include a larger footprint, and in turn a larger population that could be requesting insurance quotes.
    • All Web Lead's distribution system uses many factors to determine how leads are distributed, including price. In high-competition areas, agents often choose to raise their base price in order to make themselves more competitive. This can be done by a customer service representative by calling 1-888-522-7355 ext 2.
    • Another way to increase the price of the lead is to add filters - however this can lead to a catch-22. If the number of leads a filter eliminates is greater than the increased allotment caused by a higher price, an agent is not able to improve volume through the addition of filters.
  • Your return on investment numbers might be too low if you aren't taking advantage of All Web Lead's generous return policy. You can return a lead within 10 days if it meets any of the following conditions:
    • All phone numbers provided are disconnected or fax numbers.
    • The lead is a duplicate already received from All Web Leads.
    • The contact is another agent testing the system.
    • The contact is a student researching a school project.
    • The contact information is obviously incorrect upon initial inspection.
    • There is a language barrier with the prospect.
    We make returning leads a simple, no-hassle process. Each lead returned for credit will be independently verified to ensure it meets the return criteria. More detailed information about our return policy is available on our website under "The AWL Difference."
  • Are you going to be out of the office for vacation? Attending a conference? Have a schedule booked with meetings tomorrow? Pause your leads on days you aren't available to work them. A customer support representative will assist you at 1-888-522-7355 ext 2. This will allow you to reallocate your lead budget towards days that you're available for fast follow-up, improving your conversion rate. You can even request your leads be automatically reactivated on the day you return!
  • Another method to reduce the number of leads you receive during unavailable hours is to manipulate your lead flow through your All Web Leads online account. You have the ability to change your daily and weekly lead maximums online anytime. If you have already received at least 7 leads this week, you can effectively pause your leads by changing the weekly lead maximum to 7. Be aware, your leads will resume when the new week begins on Monday.

What do you think about this tip? Do you have one to add? Email your comments and suggestions to: julie.hsu@allwebleads.com