Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How exactly does your program work?
A: You simply generate traffic through search, display, email or other media types to our Insurance forms and we pay you for every valid lead. The USInsuranceOnline and 2Insure4Less program powered by All Web Leads gives affiliates a wide range of discretion when generating leads. Whether you generate traffic through search, display, email or other media types, we’re looking for the best affiliates who want to have a long-term successful partner.

Q: Why is the USInsuranceOnline and 2Insure4Less program better than other affiliate programs?
A: We offer several tools and options to each and every affiliate that works with us that most programs either can’t offer, or only do so to their top generators. Here is just a sample of the benefits to joining our program:

  1. Whitelabeled Forms: Use one of our 500+ brands or create your own. Keep your conversions and consumer affinity high.
  2. Mobile Optimized Forms: Auto-detect operating systems to you don’t lose out on conversions just because a consumer visits from their phone or tablet.
  3. Real-time Reporting: Track all key metrics and slice your data across sources, states, lead type and more.
  4. Multiple Payout Options: Optimize how your payouts work for you. State-level, Daypart, Sub-Source, Lead Sub-Type segmentation and more are available.

Q: How much can I make?
A: There is virtually no limit to how much you can make with our program. We will partner with you to increase your volume and quality.

Q: How can I track the success of my campaigns?
A: All Web Leads offers significant tracking of campaign statistics through its affiliate interface. All affiliates have access to real-time reporting including volume, revenue, returns - all of which that can be segmented by sub-source, date range, state and more.

Q: Are there certain leads that All Web Leads values more than others?
A: While All Web Leads certainly takes a wide variety of leads, payouts can differ by type of insurance lead generated. For a better idea of that, check out our payouts page. We also offer segmented pricing for various qualifications such as state origin, day-parting, and keywords.

Q: Are there any leads that All Web Leads will not accept?
A: All Web Leads does not accept any leads that originate from co-reg or incentivized traffic. We also partner with TARGUSinfo, CPA Detective and other state-of-the-art fraud detection to ensure we generate the highest quality leads.

Q: I want to generate leads, but what if my website isn’t strictly insurance related?
A: While All Web Leads places emphasis on insurance-only leads, cross selling is an important part of our business. If you believe your leads could potentially carry insurance significance (E.G. Mortgage loans relating to home insurance) then definitely think about applying.

Q: Exactly what kind of techniques can I use to generate traffic?
A: All Web Leads accepts affiliates who use a variety of techniques including display, organic search, paid search, email marketing campaigns, and other media types. Keep in mind that we only allow 2 levels of separation between us and the consumer, so any extended affiliate networks will not be considered.

Q: How does payment work?
A: All Web Leads offers AutoPay, which will automatically pay you for your lead generation on a monthly basis and also comes with a full summary of your monthly activity. We also offer standard invoicing system if you require so. Both are subject to our Net30 terms.