Exclusive Auto Leads vs. Shared Leads

"Exclusive leads" are a hot buzzword when you start researching various auto insurance lead companies. On the face of it, exclusive leads sound great: exclusive access to a promising lead. However, if you do a little digging, you may just find that exclusive auto leads aren't all that they seem.

An exclusive lead is one that is sold to a single agent or agency. While the idea of exclusive access to a targeted customer has an undeniable allure, there are some important factors to bear in mind:

Few exclusive leads actually remain exclusive. While the company may issue the lead exclusively to you, they may have bought it from a shared list. Alternatively, the customer may have filled out multiple forms and quote requests during their search.

There are a limited number of exclusive leads available. By nature, exclusive leads tend to be available in much smaller quantities than shared leads. This can pose a significant challenge for an active agent looking for a larger volume of high quality leads.

Exclusive leads are typically much more expensive than shared leads. If you're an active agent who buys a lot of leads, exclusive auto leads can get quite costly, and result in a lower ROI.

Make the Most of Your Leads

An alternative to costly exclusive leads is to purchase high quality shared leads that are limited to a specific number of agents. You'll have the advantage of a wider selection of leads to choose from and a lower cost. At All Web Leads, our leads are guaranteed to be sold to no more than five agents, and often to fewer. Additionally, our leads are carrier exclusive, which means that if you're a captive agent, you won't have to compete with other agents from the same carrier. You'll get fresh, targeted leads at a much lower cost than you'd pay for so-called exclusive leads.