Increasing Your Lead Volume

Increase Leads VolumeWith over 6 million leads generated by All Web Leads last year, we're confident we can provide the lead volume you need. Below are some recommendations to help increase the number of leads distributed to your account.

Expand Geographic Area

A larger geographic area = a larger pool of potential customers. There's no need to limit yourself to leads from your immediate location; consumers shopping for insurance online are already predisposed to doing business over the Internet.

Remove Filters

Your lead profile might be overly-constrictive. Take a look at your settings with fresh eyes to determine which filters are wants vs. needs. An added bonus: removing filters will usually decrease your cost-per-lead.

Increase Base Price

Typically there are plenty of leads for all of our customers, but in some heavy-competition areas our lead distribution software will allocate leads based on highest price. In this situation, agents may choose to pay a higher base price to be prioritized for volume. Contact an Account Manager at 1-888-522-7355 ext 2 to compare your volume with competitors in your area.

Cross-Sell Leads

A clever agent can use different lead types to cross-sell other products. For example, most homeowner and renters prospects also have auto policies. High-coverage life insurance leads may be interested in annuity products.

Contact Your Account Manager

When in doubt - just ask! We have access to additional tools that can help us troubleshoot any volume issues and recommend a custom solution. For assistance, contact an Account Manager at 1-888-522-7355 ext 2.